Transition time

My fascination in MuPAD goes back to the year 2002. This was the time when I learned about MuPAD, I started using it and writing about it. Later I wrote quite a few papers with MuPAD as a main character, a few books about using MuPAD in teaching mathematics and modeling mathematical objects. For a few years I was editing and publishing an online magazine MathPAD Online, devoted to MuPAD, that was a good source of information about the program and had tons of MuPAD examples.

For quite a while the web site for my books was published on the producer of MuPAD, SciFace GmBH, web server as However, in September 2008 I found that MuPAD is no longer an independent product and I have to stop publishing my online magazine related to MuPAD and move the web site for my books somewhere out of the SciFace web server. This was a bit unplesant news and a new challange for me.

In January 2009 I decided to move the web site for my books and redesign it as a WordPress blog. I guess it will take me a few weeks to move and update the whole content. I suppose that some of the things that were working well on the original web site may not work here and some new things that were not available there will be a nice addition here on WordPress. The good thing is that the web site as a blog will make communication with my readers easier and perhaps give me more interaction with them.

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Mathematician specializing in geometry of art and architecture.
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