MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials I

cover1MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials was my very first book about MuPAD. I discovered MuPAD when I was living in Macau and working for the Inter-University Institute of Macau. In fact, MuPAD was a perfect tool for some of the maths courses that we were teaching at IIUM. This was the starting point of my fascination of this beautiful Computer Algebra System. This was also the time when I started writing this book.

Later, when I moved to Zayed University in UAE, I continued working on this book. This work was giving me a lot of satisfaction and, the most important, a chance of forgetting about hectic atmosphere of this university and very unpleasant politics at the university. I have been doing this work as form of entertainment. At this time writing occupied all my time outside of the university. Later I started using parts of my book for teaching the Discrete Mathematics course for Information Systems students.  I know that a few other universities, mostly in Europe, were using my book for a number of courses. Some of them were programming courses and some other covering CAS topics for mathematics majors.

The web site for my first MuPAD book is here. I updated it as much as I could. You will find on these pages preface written by Prof. Fred Szabo from Concordia University in Canada, author’s introduction, and record from US Congress library. Unfortunately the file with examples for the book is missing here. WordPress accepts uploading only selected media files. Therefore, if you need these examples, you can e-mail me at mirekmajewski(at)


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