Getting Started with MuPAD

cover31My two previous books used the programming approach. Which simply means that the programming concepts were introduced first and then the remaining chapters of the book were using programs. This is nice concept, especially when one wants to produce complex graphics – for example a number of graphical objects interacting together. However, this concept is difficult for beginners and especially for high school students or maths teachers who doesn’t have much time to learn basic of programming. They need a simpler text just introducing basics of CAS and a lot of examples. I needed also such a book for my MuPAD workshops with mathematics teachers.  As a result, one day I decided to write the Getting Started with MuPAD book.

The book is a gentle introduction to MuPAD and CAS concepts. I show there step-by-step various features of MuPAD and how we can use it in various areas of mathematics. A large chapter of the book is devoted to graphical visualization of mathematical concepts, and MuPAD graphics are also used extensively throughout the rest of the book.

Each chapter of the book can be considered as a single workshop for MuPAD beginners. The whole book is a good resource for conducting workshops on using Computer Algebra Systems to explore, experiment with, and visualize mathematical concepts.

About Mirek Majewski

Mathematician specializing in geometry of art and architecture.
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