MuPAD for Impatient


MuPAD for Impatient, or in Polish MuPAD dla niecierpliwych, is a Polish book about MuPAD. The book is an outcome of series of MuPAD workshops that I was conducting with Polish maths teachers during one of the MathPAD conferences. After finishing these workshops I revised my notes, updated them, formatted all examples added comments, etc. This work took all my vacations in 2006 and one or two months after vacations.

The book was published by a small private, commercial publisher Omega Press, that is well known for the high quality of their books.  It turned out that Omega Art was very good choice. The book was ready after two weeks. I do not know any other publisher who can do such job in such a short time. The printing was sponsored by Edukacja z TI, Polish distributor of MuPAD at this time.

As I said the book is based on my MuPAD workshops and it can be used for conducting MuPAD workshops for beginners. I cover there the most important basic features of MuPAD that are directly related to high school mathematics. In following years the books served for a number of workshops conducted by my colleagues in Poland. Some of these worskshops took place during MathPAD conferences at the Nicholas Copernicus University.

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