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It has been long time since I finished my last book. In February 2010 I started a new writing project. This is a new book, this time Mathematica tutorial for students and mathematics teachers in Poland. We all know how great is Mathematica, but we also know that all Mathematica books and texts based on Mathematica are rather bulky and we very often we do not have time to go through hundreds of pages with detailed description of Mathematica secrets.  Therefore, we all need a brief Mathematica tutorial book that will show us the most important features of the program and how it can be used for solving and visualizing mathematics problems in high school or at the university.  This is the first objective of my new book – to present major features of Mathematica, those that we desperately need for our maths classes.

For many of us in Poland an additional problem is the language.  Many teachers and students can understand simple English, but how many can understand technical terminology? Therefore, the second objective of this book is to be available for Polish users of Mathematica.

I use for this book so called Mathematica for the Classroom, a product from Wolfram Research that was designed specifically for undergraduate mathematics education – high schools and beginning of university. The text will cover only the most important features of the program to such extend that everybody will be able to start using Mathematica by reading first chapter of the book and then proceed with specific topics reading the remaining chapters. The book will concentrate on mathematical visualization (2D and 3D mathematical graphs, animation), applications of Mathematica to calculus, algebra and some other sections of undergraduate mathematics, an optional chapter will cover programming in Mathematica.

Polish text related to this book as well as link to download page can be found on page
First part of the book (chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4) is available in electronic version (PDF files) at

Polski tekst dotyczący tej książki jak również link do strony z której można pobrać książkę w postaci elektronicznej znajduje się pod adresem
Pierwsza część książki (rozdziały 1, 2, 3 i 4)  jest w postaci elektronicznej (pliki PDF nadające się do drukowania).

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