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Islamic Geometric Ornaments in Istanbul

Islamic ornaments are one of the greatest achievements of ancient geometers, artisans and craftsmen in the Middle East, Turkey, India, Spain, and North Africa.  These ornaments are frequently used to decorate sacred, secular and private buildings, books, and furniture. Istanbul, … Continue reading

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Mathematica for impatient

It has been long time since I finished my last book. In February 2010 I started a new writing project. This is a new book, this time Mathematica tutorial for students and mathematics teachers in Poland. We all know how … Continue reading

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MuPAD for Impatient

MuPAD for Impatient, or in Polish MuPAD dla niecierpliwych, is a Polish book about MuPAD. The book is an outcome of series of MuPAD workshops that I was conducting with Polish maths teachers during one of the MathPAD conferences. After … Continue reading

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Getting Started with MuPAD

My two previous books used the programming approach. Which simply means that the programming concepts were introduced first and then the remaining chapters of the book were using programs. This is nice concept, especially when one wants to produce complex … Continue reading

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MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials II

After publishing my MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials I have been doing a number of projects with MuPAD as well as teaching courses with MuPAD. At this time I have been conducting a number of MuPAD workshops all over East Asia as well … Continue reading

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MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials I

MuPAD Pro Computing Essentials was my very first book about MuPAD. I discovered MuPAD when I was living in Macau and working for the Inter-University Institute of Macau. In fact, MuPAD was a perfect tool for some of the maths … Continue reading

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