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Mirek Majewski

Mirek Majewski

As you perhaps noticed, my name is Miroslaw Majewski. My colleagues and my family call me Mirek.

I am mathematician, computer scientist and to some extent a computer artist.

As a mathematician I am interested in geometry, esp. in geometric constructions and transformation geometry, as well as in using technology for teaching mathematics.

As a computer scientist I am interested in developing technology that can be used in education and especially in teaching mathematics. In recent years I have spent a lot of time experimenting with Scientific Notebook and Scientific Workplace (SNB/SWP) fromMackichan Inc., that are a very exciting tools for teaching mathematics. We can use them as an electronic whiteboard or for presenting mathematics online and developing online tests.  After many years of using SNB/SWP I came to the point when I realized how important, for understanding many of the mathematical concepts, are some basic programming skills. This was the point when I started using Maple and MuPAD. In fact, these two mathematical packages are very similar. I cannot really say that one of them is better or worse. I wrote a few papers on using Maple in teaching mathematics as well as few papers about using MuPAD in the same area. You can find most of these papers on my personal web site. As a mathematician I feel a bit more comfortable with MuPAD where we have a few concepts that are the driving force of most of mathematical investigations – domains, categories, axioms, etc. I like also the two wonderful toys that are included in MuPAD – turtle graphics and L-systems. Well, there are a few more exciting things in MuPAD but I will leave this discovery for readers of my books.

As an artist I enjoy creating and teaching various forms of computer graphics – from 2D modelling of geometric ornaments to 3D creations of mathematical structures. For many years I have been modelling Chinese lattices and Islamic Geometric ornaments. I have been travelling frequently through the Far East and Middle East collecting numerous photographs of Chinese and Islamic ornaments and then modelling them with Geometer’s Sketchpad and GeoGebra. Especially I like visiting Istanbul where I can find one of the greatest examples of Islamic art from the Ottoman times. I even wrote a book on Islamic geometric ornaments in Turkey.

In private life, I like gardening and traveling. In the past I was living in a few great places – small city Lae on the seashore of the Salomon sea in Papua New Guinea, Macau on the seashore of the South China sea in China, and now in Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf in United Arab Emirates. Do not ask me where I will be next? It will certainly be a university where I will be able to teach with technology, write textbooks and papers on mathematics, art and technology.

If you need to contact me, here is my current address or you can leave a message as a comment at the bottom of this page.

Miroslaw Majewski, Prof. Dr.
New York Institute of Technology
College of Arts and Sciences
CERT Technology Park,
P. O. Box 5464,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

Personal web site: mirek.majewscy.net

Miroslaw Majewski
Abu Dhabi, 14/01/2009