Sketches on Geometry & Art – between East and West

I am a mathematician who, as an university graduate, specialized in geometry. I am also, up to some extend, a computer scientist with an interest in computer graphics and visualization of mathematical objects. As a hobby I do a lot of graphics design and computer graphics.  I live in the Middle East where I spend a lot of time exploring and doing research of Islamic Art, especially Islamic geometric ornaments.

For quite a while I was planning to write a book on geometry and art. Last year I found a Polish publisher who was interested in publishing in Polish a book similar to my previous book on Islamic Geometric Ornaments in Istanbul. The outcome of this event and my interests is this book. As the title suggests, Sketches on Geometry & Art – between East and West, I am writing on various forms of art where some geometric  approach was used. I write here about Islamic geometric art, Chinese lattices, Japanese sangaku, and a few other topics. I use some of my photographs to show real objects and then I show how these objects can be created using pure Euclidean geometric constructions with a straightedge and compass.  I show where, and how, I see geometry around us. I explore geometry of pavements, on fences and on the walls of mosques in the Middle East as well as in temples in East Asia. Some examples of geometric objects discussed in this book can be found in the gallery page.

Muquarnas in Iranian mosque is also a geometric construction