Book examples

Selected Examples From the Book (1st Edition)

In my book there are many examples. Some of them are spread out on many pages with comments between lines of code. Typing these examples can be not only time consuming but also a bit difficult. For example, if you miss parts of the code then the whole example may not work. In order to save time of my readers and avoid confusion I would like to enclose here the code of some of the most interesting or elaborated examples.

At the time of publishing the original web site all code worked properly. However, I wish to remind you that different versions of MuPAD may produce slightly different output or in rare cases due to changes in the syntax the enclosed code may not work. For testing of these examples I used MuPAD version 2.5.

How to get MuPAD examples for this book?

In the original web site all examples were enclosed as MuPAD files and also in ZIP archive. The WordPress server allows us to upload only selected media files (images, sound and video). Therefore, I cannot upload examples from my book on WordPress. If you need them please write to me at mirekmajewski(at)